Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Sandwich Generation!

There isn't anything as filling as a good sandwich. Unless of course, you are talking about the Sandwich Generation. The definition of the Sandwich Generation is a generation of people who are caring for their aging parents while supporting their own children. Wow, now that is a mouth full!

My mother is 88 and suffers from some dementia. She is a heart patient on coumadin and is currently suffering some kidney issues. My daughters are 21 and 19. The 21 year old just completed college in four years and with honors. She continues to seek employment with most other members of the class of 2012. My 19 year old is supposed to leave for college on Saturday to start her sophomore year. Until today.....

While I am in the hospital waiting room, while my mother is having tests on her kidneys, I was on the telephone with my 19 year old talking her "off the roof". She had decided not to return to college. What....really?????

Five hours later, my mom is home, feed, resting and waiting on test result.  My daughter has decided to go back to college. Aaaaaahhhhh......all in a days work. There is nothing like a "sandwich".....NOT! Don't get my wrong, I am not complaining. What would I be doing without them all.....nothing as important as what I do with them. Gotta love the family ;-)


  1. Daughters are notorious for flip-flopping about future plans, I know because I've been through it all. Eventually it will all work out, just stay calm, tell her she can do anything she wants to do.
    Anything. Then she will see the light and return to school, thinking she made the decision herself.

  2. You clearly are a good Mom. She is going back and she thinks she came to the decision! Oh....adult children :-)Thanks!