Friday, August 24, 2012

Taking Daughter #2 Back To College!

It's time to make the annual trip to drop off a daughter at college!

Daughter #2 is going back tomorrow, so we will only have adult child at home. At least my daughter at home is a recent college grad and looking for employment. The good thing is this is #2's sophomore year, so all the emotions won't be quite so raw. Not sure who all is making the journey. I don't have lots of volunteers to help. Of course, her father, my ex husband and his wife can't help. They are just useless. My husband, her step-father is busy on a project at work so he won't be available. Looks like daughter #1 and I will get her moved in and help her get it all together. As my girls used to say, "girl power". I think that was from The Spice Girls. It will be fun to just have the three of us together again. It was just the three of us for the years in between my marriages. We usually try to take a girl trip each year to commemorate our little family!
So no posts from me tomorrow! Have a wonderful weekend and safe travels to us all!


  1. Girls rule! Hooray for girl power! Just don't start laughing too hard while you're carrying heavy stuff. My mom and I used to get the giggles while we were duing mysemiannual college moves and would have to just sit down til we got it under control.

    1. Sounds like a fun time. I hope there are some "giggle attacks" tomorrow! Thanks!

  2. Nominated you for the Liebster Award! Go to my page to see what to do!