Thursday, January 20, 2011

Am I there yet?

So this is almost 50! Where did the time go? One of my personal concerns is timing. Why when I needed my hair to grow long, did it take forever? I was always the girl with the cute haircut, usually some form of a bob cut because I couldn't grow long hair. Now, that my face is losing its "luster" than my hair is long and lovely. I began setting my hair color appointments for every 5-6 weeks. All of a sudden, I need to go every 4 weeks. My hair is growing like crazy  Recently, I went to a basketball game with my husband and daughter. I spotted a woman a few rows in front of us. Her hair was beautiful. She turned around at one point and her face was old, I mean really old. Her face didn't go with her hair at all - of course, in my opinion. Her beautiful long mane almost highlighted how aged her face appeared. At that point, I begged both my husband and daughter to make me cut my hair if I ever appeared that way. They of course, laughed at me and agreed. I didn't think it was a laughing matter. Oh - the joys of turning 50!
Enjoy your day!