Monday, January 7, 2013

New Year - New Glasses

So I have decided or rather my eyes and opthamologist have decided that I need new glasses. What a fun way to kick off the new year - new glasses- new look. I love Warby Parker glasses so I have ordered some for a free 5 day home try on. I really want to try the "geek chic" look. I need glasses for reading and for long distances. What do you think of this pair?

These are the HUXLEY model in tortoise shell. I sure hope I love them this much when they arrive in 2 days! If you haven't tried Warby Parker - check them out at Such fun! Enjoy this wonderful day!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

....and we are off!

The new year has started. Running with wild abandon into it or kicking and screaming to stay - 2013 has begun. I have decided to make this the best year that I can. Personally, I was happy to see 2012 end. In this new year, I am going to live deliberately, take notice of the things that continue to unfold in my life daily, and sneak in the spontaneous whenever I can!

This morning after taking my husband to the airport for an early flight, and seeing daughter #1 off to work I decided it was time to start! I did my usual stretches as I put the teapot on to heat. I drank a huge glass of ice water (can't have too much H2O) and then I did something different. I got out my good china for my breakfasts. I sat my table setting just like I was having company. I softly played Andre Bocelli and read from my new book.

A Year Of Little Things

There were fantastic suggestions in this book and I thoroughly enjoyed starting my day in such a wonderful way! Recently, a miserable person said I was a "Pollyanna". Hhhhhmmmm. I doubt that was a compliment (in her mind) but if trying to see "the glass half full instead of half empty" makes me deserving of the title than I will wear it with pride!
The new year has begun and it's up to each of us to make the best of it! What are your plans to make this a wonderful year? I hope you have a great day!