Thursday, May 31, 2012

Beach Bling!

Cornflower Blue ~ Sea Glass Jewerly ~ Starfish Necklace

It is time to purchase some "beach bling" and there is no place more suited to meet our needs than . Coastal jewelry is a must with this summers wardrobe. The companies motto is:

"What The Tides Bring In, We Bring To You In A Quality
Treasure From The Sea"

This small company out of Maine even takes custom orders! I could fill up this post with pictures of their work, but just check out their website (see above).

Happy shopping and happy Thursday!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Griddler By Cuisinart!

Instead of my usual "Wisdom on Wednesdays" I thought I would share a great new find! I am always looking for some new way to enhance my skills in the kitchen and hopefully save time. I recently came across this Griddler by Cuisinart and have added it to my list of "must haves". It appears to do everything from make classic grilled sandwiches to the pancakes. It even sizzles steaks. The plates go right in the dishwasher which makes cleaning up a breeze - yet another high point. Macy's here I come ;-)

Here it is -

The Press

The Griddle

The Grill

The Griddler - potentially every cooks new best friend!

Happy Wednesday and Happy Grilling!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sun Tan Options!

Wow, what a great weekend to be out in the sun. Unfortunately, we all know the health risk and now that I am over 50, I do not want to encourage any more wrinkles. So, what are we to do if we want to have a nice golden tan. Which, I happen to think makes me look healthier and thinner (big bonus). These are a few of the spray tan options I have tried -

L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Airbrush Tan -

I liked the color and coverage - but honestly there was scent that I didn't care for!

LA Tan (Machine)

I used the machine on the left. Coverage was blotchy and I chocked when it started spraying (my fault, but it was a bit overwhelming). The technician was actually the owner, she gave me lots of helpful tips, but............

Sprayed by a Tan Technician

I liked this the best. She could cover all the "areas" that the machine would miss. She was even able to do some sculpting. (smile) The color was exactly what I wanted and it lasted the longest.

If you have tried something else, please share it! Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Salute!

I hope you are enjoying a wonderful Memorial Day saluting the men and women who have answered our nation's highest calling, especially those that made the ultimate sacrifice! God bless them and those that mourn them!

Saturday, May 26, 2012


Yesterday I learned about a wonderful vacation spot - The Beach House in Kennebunkport, Maine.

It is oceanfront and to read about it, well, it sounds delightful. I haven't been to Maine, but I have always wanted to visit. Friends who live in Portland tell me that Kennebunkport is over run with tourist. But after reading about "The Beach House" I am willing to give Kennebunkport a try! You can read about it at . Have you been to Kennebunkport? If so, did you like it?

I hope you enjoy a wonderful holiday weekend!

Friday, May 25, 2012

A Few Of My Favorite Things!

These are a few of my favorite things on this holiday weekend!

I love our local Memorial Day Parade. We can't honor our troops enough! I have such fine memories of attending this parade with my family.  I know my Dad (WWII Vet) is watching with me from Heaven!

Of course we will have a cook-out unless is really reaches 100 degrees - ugh!

With the heat soaring, I love this Kolby dress from Lilly Pulitzer!

Of course, as you know, I LOVE my platinum Jack Rogers! So perfect with every outfit!

Favorite Place to be - The Beach....I won't be there this holiday, but I hope to soon!

Happy Friday and I hope you enjoy a wonderful and safe holiday weekend!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Summer Is Almost Here!

Only three more days of work (part time) with our local school district. I am soooo excited for summer this year. One reason is that I can start my Water Aerobics Class again. I love that class. It makes me feel so young and energetic. I love the water and then to mix in a incredibly fun form of exercise - well it is just wonderful! Have you tried water aerobics? If so, do you love it too!

Happy Thursday!!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Drink For Summer Entertaining

I am always looking for something a little different to serve when we have guests over. Well this past weekend I think I have found a new summer drink to serve. It is a Hypno Martini. I haven't been a big martini fan, honestly, I prefer more "foo foo" drinks. But this new drink was awesome. It was sweet, it was a pretty shade of blue and easy to mix. Here it is, see if you like it too!

This is the recipe -
1 oz Hpnotiq liqueur
1 oz vodka
1/2 oz pineapple juice
Cheers and Happy Tuesday!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Raspberry Ketones

I thought I would start the week out on a healthy note. I was in the local health food store and these two women were having a very animated conversation about Raspberry Ketones. Apparently, Dr. Oz did a show about a female viewer losing weight (18 lbs in 2 wks) by taking 400mg of Raspberry Ketones a day. I, of course, purchased a bottle and started taking them yesterday. I will let you know what impact it has on weight loss for me. Have any of you tried them? Were they helpful in losing weight? Any side effects you noticed? Wish me good luck! These are the ones I am
taking - Razberi-K

Happy Monday!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Wonderful Day At The Lake!

Such a fun day at Marblehead Island on Lake Erie (old photo - I didn't take my camera ;-) I love spending time at the lake with my hubby. The temperature was a cool 82. We also had lunch on the patio of Mon Ami winery!

I hope you are enjoying a wonderful and warm spring weekend! Happy Saturday!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Favorite on Friday!

I am rushing today so I will limit my favorites to one favorite. I know I am late on this trend but I have finally tried the Shellac Nails. I love them so far. I am hoping they don't ruin my natural nails.So far, I love the color and know chips or breaks! Have a fantastic weekend!
Have you tried them? Happy Friday!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

More Graduation!

Overall, I must say Graduation was a moving experience. My baby has completed this part of her goal and is on to enjoy the rest of her life. I see a young woman who I am so proud to call, "my daughter". She is patient, loving, kind, dedicated, organized and eternally optimistic. Just between you and I, I wish I had been as bright and balanced as she is. Here are the last few pictures I will share with you. I don't want to start to bore you with pictures. ;-)
These are a few of the "Fighting Scots" waiting for the processional.

Speaker Tim Alter. He received an honorary doctorate.

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


It's official my baby graduated from college yesterday! What a wonderful and festive weekend we enjoyed. We were so very proud of her! I will share more details on the celebration luncheon later!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Weekend Celebrations!

Hello friends. Well, this is our big weekend. My oldest daughter graduates from college this weekend. We are off tomorrow to start the celebration. I am so proud of her! Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms and the Moms to be! Have a wonderful weekend and see you on Tuesday! Enjoy the flowers as my virtual Mother's Day gift to you!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Lilac Tree

I feel like the luckiest girl! My deck has several lilac trees around it. I love their scent. Soon they will be gone, but for right now I am totally enjoying having the windows open allowing their scent to carry through our home. Do you like lilacs too?
Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wisdom On Wednesdays!


Happy Wednesday! I hope you enjoy your day!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Delicious Healthy Treat!

Yummy! There is nothing better than a Red Delicious Apple. Lately, I have just been craving them. Sometimes I make Applesauce, Apple Turnovers or Apple Pie. Recently, I just want a fresh, crisp Apple that I can really enjoy! I am back on my "Belly Blasting Smoothies", so maybe I am just in the middle of a fruit phase. I don't know why I am so drawn to them right now, but I like it!!!
Have a Happy Tuesday and remember, "An apple a day, keeps the Doctor away!"

Monday, May 7, 2012

Happy 88th Birthday To My Mom!

This is my Mom! She is 88 years young today. The picture was taken at a small family brunch we hosted in our home. My daughters gave her the silly beads and hat! She is just the sweetest Mom and such a good sport. I feel so incredibly blessed to still have her with me. She suffers from Dementia, so some days our lives are like the movie "50 First Dates". When she is having a good day it is wonderful. She remains in her family home with aides. She has always been one of my closest friends. She kept the Mother/Daughter boundaries, but she was still my friend which meant so much to me as a teenager when so many girls hated their Moms. She married her pen pal from WWII and he passed away 19 years ago. She is a Christian, a patriot, a great role model, and a strong family matriarch. I feel so blessed for the values that she has instilled in me. I am thankful for the times she slapped my "fresh" mouth. I am thankful for the times she told me how disappointed she was in me for my bad behavior - I hated disappointing her and I worked to keep it to a minimum. She was not a "anything goes" type of Mom, she had standards and her children all knew it. I thank her for the courage she instilled in me.I remember the first winter I was driving and she had fallen on the ice and broken both of her wrists. I was really thrown into action. She told me that she had confidence in me and if an accident occurred than that is why we had insurance. I never worried again. I thank her for pretending to be able to hear my little voice singing at choir concerts. She said I did a great job and I believed her. I tried that trick with my daughters and they laughed at me - saying, "sure Mom, you could hear my voice....sure!" I thank her for my shoe collection - she always said you can do ANYTHING with new shoes on. So before speeches, interviews, any big event that I felt nervous about - I bought new shoes to wear and I did fine. I even bought new sandals to wear to the hospital to deliver my first baby. LOL. On a serious note - I am thankful the times she was my strength. She was on the next flight to me when my husband moved. I am thankful that she stayed with me and helped me sort out the pieces of my life when I didn't know where to turn as a stay at home mom with two little girls who needed to sell our dream home and start my career again. After she got us settled in our new place she took us to the ocean on a vacation to relax. She said we needed to start having fun again. Even my daughters admire her. When my oldest daughter was thought to have a heart problem, the first person she wanted was "Grammy". My Mom had a quadruple bypass and a valve replacement in an emergency surgery the year after my Dad died. We almost lost her. She said she wasn't ready to go yet. She still had "lots of work to do!" My Mom is the mixture of feminine and strong. She is everything I aspire to be. Thanks Mom and I love you!  

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sayings On Sunday!

Happy Sunday! Enjoy this beautiful day!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Shops At Target!

The Shops at Target debut in stores this Sunday, May 6. Customers will be able to shop for clothing, housewares, luxury body care products and sweet treats for themselves and their pets from Miami-based The Webster, Connecticut-based Privet House, Aspen, Colo.-based Cos Bar, Boston-based Polka Dog Bakery and San Francisco-based The Candy Store. Product prices range from $1 to $159.99, with nearly 400 products available in-store and online.

I am soooooo excited to shop at The Shop at Target tomorrow! I will be there bright and early! I love Target!

Friday, May 4, 2012

A Few Of My Favorite Things!

On Friday's I enjoy creating this post of favorites! I hope you have a wonderful and sunny spring weekend! Happy Friday!

Favorite Horse Race - The Kentucky Derby! Having lived in Louisville for 26 months, this race holds a place in my heart!

Since we are on the Derby topic
Favorite Kentucky Derby Drink - The Mint Julep


While we are on the topic of drinks, this is my new Favorite Drink-
Hypno Martini - delicious and pretty!

Favorite Springtime After Dinner Activity -
A Evening Walk With My Husband!

Favorite Warm Weather Hair Product -
Paul Mitchell's "Worked Up" Hair Spray

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Searching For The Perfect Scent....

I have been searching for the perfect summer perfume for the warm weather. I tried everything...I do mean everything at Nordstroms. During the cool/cold months I wear Bulgari Au The Blanc and I love it!

I wanted to try something lighter and fresher. But I don't like flowery, I don't like spicy, I don't like citrus (at least not very much). So I was stuck with out any choices. Then I thought about what I have worn previously....and voila - I bought it again. It is simple and fresh with no heavy overtones. It is my old standby - Romance by Ralph Lauren

Why did I ever feel the need to try something else. This scent just seems to work for me. Silly me, always on a quest for something I have already enjoyed!

Have you picked a new scent for this season? Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Non-surgical Facelift?

Good morning! My post on Monday was heavy so I decided to "lighten" it up today! As I woke up again with a little puffy face, I decided I need to find a technique that can reduce the puffiness without going to a salon. Well, a friend had suggested this technique by Mary Schook, so I think I will give it a try.
Have you tried it? Did you like it? Most importantly, did it work? I will try it and let you know how it works for me! One friend suggested drinking lots of water. I do, trust me, I do! Good luck to each of us who are going to "give it a whirl".
Happy Wednesday! Enjoy your day!