Thursday, May 3, 2012

Searching For The Perfect Scent....

I have been searching for the perfect summer perfume for the warm weather. I tried everything...I do mean everything at Nordstroms. During the cool/cold months I wear Bulgari Au The Blanc and I love it!

I wanted to try something lighter and fresher. But I don't like flowery, I don't like spicy, I don't like citrus (at least not very much). So I was stuck with out any choices. Then I thought about what I have worn previously....and voila - I bought it again. It is simple and fresh with no heavy overtones. It is my old standby - Romance by Ralph Lauren

Why did I ever feel the need to try something else. This scent just seems to work for me. Silly me, always on a quest for something I have already enjoyed!

Have you picked a new scent for this season? Happy Thursday!


  1. I'm currently wearing Romance as well and I love it! Its the perfect scent for summer :).

  2. I also was searching...and searching. Found "Pretty" by Elizabeth Arden...fabulous for every day for summer!!!! Bottle is lovely, too!