Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Griddler By Cuisinart!

Instead of my usual "Wisdom on Wednesdays" I thought I would share a great new find! I am always looking for some new way to enhance my skills in the kitchen and hopefully save time. I recently came across this Griddler by Cuisinart and have added it to my list of "must haves". It appears to do everything from make classic grilled sandwiches to the pancakes. It even sizzles steaks. The plates go right in the dishwasher which makes cleaning up a breeze - yet another high point. Macy's here I come ;-)

Here it is -

The Press

The Griddle

The Grill

The Griddler - potentially every cooks new best friend!

Happy Wednesday and Happy Grilling!


  1. I love things that make our lives easier. I live by my George Foreman grill. And I hope you enjoy your "box changing" journey .

    1. I agree, anything to make our lives easier! Thanks for stopping by today!