Thursday, August 23, 2012

Listen To Your Inner Voice!

One message I have taught my daughters is to listen to that "nagging" voice inside of you. That inner voice is your friend. It will not lie to you nor will it lead you astray! Certainly in my lifetime my inner voice has always been a guiding force in life and in decisions I made, both large and small.

I remember my first apartment, I was expecting a girlfriend over one night around 12am. She wanted to talk about her life. I was on the phone with another friend and there was a knock at the door. The phone cord wasn't long enough to reach to look out the peep hole. So I started to just reach and unlock the door. My inner voice started shouting at me, "NO!". I listened to that voice, I put the phone down and outside my door was one of the craziest looking, dirty men I had ever seen. Thank God I didn't open that door!

I remember when my husband came home after surgery. I watched him closely and something kept telling me that there was something wrong. I listened to that voice and called the Dr. He advised me to take him by ambulance back to the hospital. After an examination and tests, they found that he had 6 blood clots. Three in each lung and two of them were quite large. I thank God everyday that I listened to that voice and called.

I have these memories today because again today I listened to my inner voice. My Mom 88 is a Coumadin patient. She has been having some "health issues" and her Internist took her off of Coumadin until she could see a specialist on Sept. 10. I thought this is wrong, she MUST have Coumadin. He assured me she would be fine. That voice, nagged at me for about 20 minutes after returning home. So much so, that I called her Cardiologist to make sure it was OK for her to be off the Coumadin. He said, ABSOLUTELY NOT! She could have a stroke, heart attack and or know, but I can't bare to write it. The Cardiologist was outraged and put her back on immediately. She had been off of it since Tuesday. I shutter to think what would have happened if I had not listened to that "nagging inner voice".

Frankly, my "Inner Voice" examples are too numerous to share. I have come to really trust it. I think the "Inner Voice" is too often ignored by people. What if others think we are pushy, or that we ask to many questions because of it. I don't care, I left the popularity contest in high school. Clearly, we must use our sound and educated judgement. But is doesn't hurt to give that little voice inside of each of us, its time to be heard!

Happy Thursday!


  1. Good for you! For all the talk about "women's intuition", a lot of effort goes into breaking us of using it. All through school we are taught to solve problems based on an established set of rules, and in most jobs we are trained to ignore our intuitions and not make any decisions for ourselves but rely on what other people tell us to do. It's a wonder we can even find our intuition anymore much less hear what it is saying. You are absolutely right that we have to use a balanced approach of reason PLUS intuition. Your examples are priceless, and your husband and mother would agree that you did the right thing!

    1. Thanks Katrina! I am so glad that you agree! I agree that we are trained to ignore our intuitions!