Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My Little Rescued Dog!

As you can tell from my profile picture and periodic posts - I love our little dog, Berkley!

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He has been a member of our family for the last 10 years. I remember so well 10 years ago asking my secretary,"what time I should leave work so that I didn't get caught on the mess that is I-95" (Those of you that live around DC, know what I am referring too!) and thus the story began. I told her how I was on my way to buy a dog ($$$) for my daughter's Christmas present. She told me that was silly and went on to tell me about these adorable puppies that were free in Berkley Springs, WV. (Two of her sisters had just adopted two of the pups and she was getting one the next day). She showed me the pictures and they were even cuter than she said they were. I talked to the woman who had rescued the pups, along with their Mother from underneath a run down home. I drove to Berkley Springs, WV (1.5 hrs) and picked up the puppy the next day. The one I was going for jumped over the baby gate that the rescuer had in place, I thought -"oh no" and turned my attention to the quite one that for some reason was licking, yes licking, the electrical sockets. He came home with me and we ( my daughters and I) feel in love with him. He has really been a blessing to our family. Even since remarrying my husband loves him too. If you are considering a four-legged addition to your family - consider a rescued dog. There are websites where you can look at the dogs online. Most communities offer animal shelters, consider looking there. In some cases taking a rescued dog maybe the difference between life and death. I adopted a rescued dog and I am sure glad I did.


  1. Oh my gosh, I am glad you did too! I regret the one time I actually bought puppies from a pet store - not that the puppies were bad, I really loved them. But I know now that they likely came from an awful puppy mill that contributes to the pet overpopulation and pet health problems. Since then all my babies have been rescues. They all have their little challenges but I feel a duty to help them and I am more than repaid by their wonderful love.
    Thank you for writing on the topic and thank you for rescuing your dear little Berkley.

  2. Aww. Berkley sure is a cutie pie. Thanks for sharing your story.