Monday, July 2, 2012

The Aftermath!!!

Well, storms were overwhelming this weekend. Starting with Friday - trees were down everywhere and no electricity in the city. We live just outside the city and maintained power, but my Mom (88) lost power so we moved her in with us. The last few days have just been about clean up and thankfulness that the storm wasn't any worse. In our community there was lots of damage, but no fatalities, thank God! Some family still came together for the planned reunion. We cleaned Moms yard and enjoyed "light" picnic fare afterwards. My great nephews were there (ages 3 and5) and oh the joy that children bring. They were so happy to play with squirt guns, ice cubes and water bottles. They took turns cooling everyone off! I hope you all are surviving these storms and these high temps! Stay Cool and Happy Monday!

ps- My posts may be sporatic this week as I will be entertaining my Mom ;-)


  1. Lilly I'm glad to hear everyone is safe. Enjoy spending time with your Mom.

  2. Honestly I can not believe the insane weather all over the country right now. So many people without power, so many people out of their homes with wildfires, so many incredible storms.
    I am very glad that you and your family got through it all and even managed to have a little celebration. Enjoy the time with Mom and good luck to you all with the summer weather weirdness.

    1. Thank you so very much! I hope all is well in your area! You are so right - "Summer Weather Weirdness!"