Monday, July 16, 2012

Fun Weekend!

Hi All! I hope you enjoyed a wonderful weekend. This weekend was kind of "silly". Saturday night, the three of us - husband, Daughter #1 and I , went out for a casual outdoor dinner. After dinner we wanted to do something "different". We thought about Putt-Putt, but it started raining so we went Bowling. We hadn't been bowling in years! The bowling alley wasn't very crowded and they played good music. We only played three games, but it was fun and each one of us one a game! Daughter #1 was a good sport! She is home after graduating from college and looking for a job - anywhere but here. Not many of her friends are in town this summer, so she is bored with a capital B! I thought of it as a good form of exercise too - throwing a weighted ball (smile).
Have a wonderful Monday!


  1. Bowling always cracks me up because it seems so simple but brings out my ultimate lack of coordination. That ball never even comes close to the pins! Somehow I always have fun though. It's a great indoor activity and one of the few family activities that is not prohibitively expensive. Glad you had a fun time.
    Just to let you know, I can't see your image, althogh it might be something with my google login. Sometimes that happens.

  2. Lilly we don't go bowling very ofter either but when we do we always have such a great time. Even if I do get a lot of gutter balls. It sounds like you had a nice time.