Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Few Hours Alone!

"Baron" and daughter #1 have gone to the movie for the afternoon. Travel time and movie time combined they should be gone about 3.5 hours. What a nice surprise. A sibling is visiting my Mom today so I don't even have to think about her. I am so excited to have this "surprise" time alone! I did the usual Saturday routine - laundry, light cleaning etc but then it was all about me! Wondering what I did? I took "Berk" for a long walk, took a bubble bath, whitened my teeth, facial masque, read a chapter in a new book. It was wonderful - no tv, no music, no telephone, nothing but "thinking about what I want to do!" I even fixed a super healthy lunch for myself. I feel happy and relaxed - not one ounce of guilt! I think this time alone is something that we (Moms, wives, women) don't get enough of! I hope my family had a great few hours away and will do it again - sooner than later (smile)!

 Happy Saturday!


  1. I remember how desperately I needed those alone hours in my former life, could never seem to get enough of them. Now, thankfully, I get all the solitude I need, and I am soooo thankful. It's very important to mental health!