Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Creative Piece Of Mail!

In May, Daughter #1 graduated from a fine liberal arts college. She had taken the LSAT, scored well, but decided she wasn't interested in attending law school in the fall and perhaps, never! She continues to receive information from various law schools. She received an invitation to apply from a Texas law school yesterday. They totally "take the cake" as the most creative. Here it is -
The printed information tells you that if you plant the card in your garden than Blacked Eyed Susans will appear in one month. Neat right?! Well, you know of course I had to try it! I planted it in a space in the back flower bed.

I will let you know how it "grows"! I haven't seen anything like this before. I will anxiously await my new flowers! My husband, "Baron" is somewhat skeptical. I, however, am hoping for the best! Happy Tuesday!

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  1. We had a debate about this during a papermaking class few years ago. A couple of ladies wanted to make wedding invitations with imbedded flower seeds, and everyone thought it was an awesome idea but apparently there was a USDA regulation about sending seeds through the mail because some wildflowers are invasive and not allowed in certain states, etc. I think they decided against it which was too bad.
    Hope your flowers grow!