Thursday, March 8, 2012

Which Cover-Up to Choose?

I am off to the beach soon and I need a new swimsuit cover-up. Now that I am a "mature" woman, I am not sure what style to choose. Which would you pick? Enjoy your Thursday!

The standard terry cloth cover-up?

The Tunic Cover-up

The Sarong Stand-by

Which would you pick?


  1. I have found that being able to get in and out of the cover-up easily is the most important thing. If I have to struggle to pull it over my head or hop on one foot to untangle the legs, I get even more self-conscious than I was to start with. So zip-front, button-front, or a wraparound are my favorites.

    1. I agree 100%. I just found a tunic cover-up with a plunging neckline that has 2 strategically placed ties. So I can untie it and step out of it. I am thrilled! Thanks for the helpful hints!!!