Friday, March 16, 2012

Back From The Beach!

Usually on Friday's I do my "Few Of My Favorite Things" post, so I will share some of my favorite things from the trip! Happy Friday!

Favorite Time of Day - Sunset on the beach

Favorite Breakfast - Fresh Strawberry Smoothie (on the beach)

Favorite Food - All the FRESH seafood - lobster, shrimp, grouper - just delicious

Favorite Place - Gulfront Cabanna (all day - everyday!)

Favorite Destination - Home


  1. Welcome home! Our spring break is first week of April and trying to figure out where we're going. Don't think we're gonna rent the beach cottage this year (boo-hoo!)

    1. Thanks! We really had a good time. I enjoyed reading your book! I had hoped to finish it, but I chatted too much on the beach. I hope you enjoy your spring break!