Thursday, March 22, 2012

Outdoor Living

Spring is here and the temperature is unseasonably high. It is, in my opinion, time to get ready for some outdoor living. I love to have friends over for dinner on our patio, or ice tea in my private garden. LOL...private garden is a stretch. It is a work in progress. There is a spot on the side of our property that is protected on two sides by our home. In the fall, I had one of the unprotected sides lined with tall shrubs and the other open side which faces the lake, I had a birch tree planted. All of the news items have grown beautifully. I moved in 2 Adirondack chairs (lime green) with matching foot stools and side table. I am making two pink/white flowered pillows (today, hopefully). I have a pink/white pot for the table, which I will fill when the weather permits - who knows we might still get snow (hush). I am still  putting ideas together....Oh I forgot the clematis that will grow where the bushes are - there is an area with stepping stones...where I have a tall  "thingy" -smile- to grow the clematis. I will let you now how it "grows"...haha .....and I will add pics when it all comes together. Do you have your outdoor living spaces ready? Any ideas to share? Happy Thursday!

Here are some attractive ideas I have run across while looking for additional ideas-





  1. Yes. I LOVE my deck and backyard in spring and summer. And when I get a chance, when I'm not travelling, I like to host garden parties on the line.

    1. Oh and in Virginia you have such wonderful spring seasons!