Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Being home is so nice. The weather in Ohio is beautiful today. I am so excited about the tulip's coming up, the grass turning green and the "aqua shade" being placed in the lake behind us. No big plans to celebrate St Patty's Day, we will stay close to home. We, in our area, have in the past few months witnessed several fatal accidents of drunk drivers going the wrong way on the Interstate...just awful! Please be careful and drink responsibly! On a happy note - Enjoy your Saturday and stay safe!


  1. It was gorgeous here too! I did spring cleaning and then wanted to do something fun tonight. Realizing there'd be a bunch of drunks out, I hopped on my pink and white vintage bicyle and rode all around my neighborhood. Perfect.

    1. Oh that sounds like so much fun! I can just visualize your pink and white vintage bike! When the roads dry from the morning rain, I think I will go for a bike ride too! Thanks for the great idea!