Friday, June 8, 2012

Lose It!

A friend introduced me to this weight loss application - I signed up yesterday and I thought it was helpful. The user types in what they have eaten and the application does all the work with calculating the information. It also tells you how many more calories you have to eat before the end of the day. It includes in the calculations the exercise you have done for the day. The best part is that it is FREE. Have you tried it? Did it help you? I will let you know how it works for me! Have a wonderful Friday!


  1. Thank you for the site name. I have found this site that I have been using for a few weeks.
    It has helped keep track of everything and all my exercise too.

  2. Hey, you won the book on my blog. Email me at the contact on my blog and let me know how you want it--Kindle, Nook, epub, PDF, etc.


  3. I may have to download that. I have myfitnesspal app, but never use it.