Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Real Housewives Of New York

I watched the season opener last night of "The Real Housewives Of New York". Did you? I am not sure what to think about it. I know that I still can't stand Ramona. She drives me crazy, with friends like her who needs enemies. Sonja is just toooo over the top for me. I find her somewhat vulgar. The new women were interesting, but I have to wonder how they "drama" will unfold. The "Countess" appears to be the same, though I must say I was disappointed with her "hit and run" storytelling at lunch. Honestly, I am a bit embarrassed that I watch this show. My friends and I laugh that it is our "little secret". Oh heck, it is just simply entertainment! If you watched it, what did you think?

Have a great Tuesday!

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  1. I didn't watch it last night, but I admit that even though I think I am 'above it' I still tune in from time to time just to laugh and shake my head at how classy they all think they are. It does give me a good laugh and we can all use one of those every once in a while, can't we?