Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Year and New Beginnings

I find it hard to believe that it the middle of January, 2012. My last child went back to college today, so we once again have an empty nest. I miss the girls terribly - but it is ok - this is the way things are naturally suppose to be. You raise them, love them without condition and give them a strong foundation. It reminds me of when they are learning to walk - there are wobbles, spills and holding on to the table leg for dear life. It's the same thing only now the steps are bigger as are the falls. It is so special to watch them bloom into the young woman they are suppose to be. I have two girls - different as night and day - yet similar in a very special way. They will still hover around in the kitchen or lay on my bed to watch tv with me. They are mine and I love them assiduously.
At least this time I am prepared. I have pilates on Wednesdays and zumba on Mondays - mediation on Tuesday nights and of course - there is always TJ Maxx to entertain me. This time I also have better friendships to enjoy and the most wonderful husband anyone could ask for. I am planning vacations and I feel like I will be just fine this time. Just fine ;-)

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