Monday, January 23, 2012

If I Could Have A Talk With My "Younger" Self.....

I would say, "relax already"! You don't have to be perfect and quite frankly you don't always have to be so nice! Speak your mind more often - your opinion is valid. Yes, your "Prince" is coming - he isn't who you think he is...but he is on his way to you right now! It is okay to do "your own thing and follow your own dreams" - you aren't your parents or siblings - follow your own path and enjoy it. Travel and see the world. Don't take love or loved ones for granted - things can change so quickly! Your divorce isn't going to be the end of you...keep your head up and smile! Yes, the song, "Smile" will mean a lot to you through the years - in fact it becomes your theme song. Motherhood is everything you hope it will be and so much more. You always said, "Life isn't a dress rehearsal". You were right - it is not. It is your life and it goes by so fast. Enjoy EVERY day! If you could, what would you say to your "younger" self?


  1. Great post! I think if we should all think about what we would say to our younger selves!But at the same time, we must remember to live in the now and celebrate who we are today!

  2. Such an interesting topic!