Friday, November 8, 2013


While staying at The Yelton Manor Bed and Breakfast in South Haven, Michigan, I found the book, "Pausitivity" by MH Clark! I read the book and immediately felt such a sense of peace! It is a short read but so inspiring. I shared these feelings with the Innkeeper and she shared that though there are thousands of books in the Inn, this is the only book that she makes sure is in each room. She felt the book was a good example of the experience they want you to have at The Yelton Manor.

Upon returning home, I ordered several copies, one for myself and several for friends. If you think you would enjoy a little "pick me up" it is truly worth it!

Check it out - (I am writing this on my iPad. I hope pic works. If not, I apologize in advance)
Enjoy your day!

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