Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Poor Thermostat!

68 tiptoe 73 tiptoe 67 tiptoe 74 tiptoe .....OFF
Our poor little thermostat must be suffering from bi-"polar" issues ;-)
We literally sneak around our home changing the thermostat temperature!
Childish yes, but compromise has not been successful!

I like to keep the thermostat on 68 and "Baron" thinks that is too cold! He insist on 72. 
Menopause is hard enough without having to debate the temperature in the house.

So now we have settled on 70, vents closed in our room and the ceiling fan on! UGH!
Do you have similar issues in your home with your thermostat and your loving/understanding spouse?!?


  1. Ha! I hear you! Yes! We have the very SAME problem. I'm not alone so!:)

  2. Yes! But right after I have a hot flash, I get a chill, so if I had my way, I would be the one turning the temp up and down all day long. As it is, I have sweaters all over the house so I can put them on when I'm shivering and then throw them off when I'm burning up. I hope this ends soon!